Reseller Services

Grow your business even more with Teals Prairie & Co.’s new business tools! For the past two years we have been listening to comments, suggestions, and feedback from our resellers. As your business partner, it’s crucial that we do everything we can to expand your business and achieve shared success. That’s why we’re developing these business tools and will continue to implement changes in our business that you can use to your advantage.

Hopefully you find great value from this business tool and the other reseller services we now offer. Like always, we’re excited to work with you and hope to help improve your business. If you have any feedback about these new changes, about how we’re doing, or about how we can improve support to your business and your partner, please let us know. We’re more than happy to listen to your feedback and to use your input to rollout improvements to our business in the future.

Want to ensure that your customers keep coming back? Return and repeat customers are more likely to buy from you again and often spend three times more than new customers. Learn More. 

Do you have buyers that would like to see a visual sample of a product before they make a purchase? Perhaps you’re working with a wedding planner, or a business buyer that needs to verify how a product will look before ordering. Whenever your buyer needs a product mock-up, we offer our Pre-order Rendering Reseller Service. This service, unlike our Post-Order Rendering service, can include creation of logos, illustrations, and product artwork. Learn More.

Unlike Pre-Order Rendering, Post-Order Rendering is a visual sample of the product your buyer has already ordered. It does not include creating logos, illustrations, or product artwork. Using your buyer’s artwork or logo, we will render a digital mock-up of the product for your buyer’s confirmation. This is a cart add on purchase, learn more.

Here at Teals Prairie & Co. we use two methods to personalizing on glass surfaces. Laser engraving and sandblasting both have their strengths and weaknesses, so why is it that as a reseller you’ll ever want to upgrade to sandblast engraving instead of laser engraving? Learn More.

The goal of our Production Fast Track Reseller Service is to speed up production time and use any shipping method necessary to get an order to your customer by a certain deadline. When you pay a premium for our Production Fast Track service, we start on your order as first opportunity. The non-refundable service fee covers additional labor, expedited shipping costs, and production costs associated with attempting to meet your requested deadline.

In general, we do not guarantee delivery dates, and this is also true of Production Fast Track orders. Thus, it’s important that you do not mislead your customer into believing that our Production Fast Track service will guarantee shipment times. However, we do have a 98% deadline delivery success rate when providing this service for resellers that request items by Friday of the following week.

Once you submit an order using Production Fast Track, we make it our priority to start producing your items. As we don’t guarantee delivery dates, nor do we know the exact reason why you’ve used this service, these orders cannot be canceled. Please review our return policy for more information regarding returns.

How do you know whether you should add our Production Fast Track Reseller Service to your order?

If you’re aiming to get items to a customer before Friday of the following week, then you should apply Production Fast Track to your order. This is also true of orders placed on Saturday or Sunday; however, if we’re unable to confirm your order details by Monday at 6AM EST, then there’s a reduced chance that we will be able to meet your Friday deadline. Therefore, you should plan accordingly for orders placed on the weekend.

Still unsure whether you should apply Production Fast Track to your order?

If so, contact us before inputting your order and we’ll help you decide whether or not it’s necessary. If it is, we will process your Production Fast Track order immediately after our phone conversation. Contacting us will also help you avoid the non-refundable Production Fast Track fee in the event that your order deadline doesn’t require the Production Fast Track Reseller Service.

Do we provide tracking for orders produced using the Production Fast Track Reseller Service?

Because of how we manage production of items using our Production Fast Track, tracking numbers aren’t always made available immediately. Please request a tracking confirmation number if it’s necessary for your order.

Mistakes happen. Teals Prairie & Co. already covers production mistakes that we make. But what happens when there’s a production mistake that isn’t our fault? That’s where our Typo Insurance comes in handy. Learn More.