Typo Insurance

  • $2.99/order
  • hassle free redo orders
  • $500 in coverage
  • no commitment required
  • pay as you go

Mistakes happen. Teals Prairie & Co. already covers production mistakes that we make. But what happens when there’s a production mistake that isn’t our fault? That’s where our Typo Insurance comes in handy. Typo Insurance gives you peace of mind whenever your customers or ordering managers make an unexpected mistake during the ordering process. You can protect your order with up to $500 of Typo Insurance so that any problem can be quickly and affordably corrected.

Adding Typo Insurance to your order covers the reproduction and shipping cost incurred whenever there’s a typo on a product. We define typo as a misspelled word, a grammatical error, or a punctuation error. These errors are unexpected and sometimes unavoidable. Buyers and ordering managers alike can accidentally input incorrect customization details while checking out. This results in a product being produced incorrectly, but with our typo insurance, the problem is easily remedied.

So, what isn’t covered with our typo insurance? Name changes, logo changes, design changes, and adjustments that fundamentally alter the original design are not classified as typos, nor are they covered by our typo insurance. Situations of gross negligence are also not covered, such as including but not limited to multiple typos in a single order, repeated typos submitted by reseller within a time frame considered excessive, and typos such as date changes; for instance, changing the date printed on an item from February 2nd to February 12th, which suggests an itinerary change rather than a genuine typo.

Our typo insurance is non-transferable and is only for use towards products that it was purchased for. It cannot be purchased separately or applied retroactively. All claims are handled on a case by case basis, and Teals Prairie & Co. reserves the right to deny claims for any reason to avoid abuse. All claims are to be submitted in accordance of our Return Policy. For more details on our Return Policy, please visit our FAQ page.