Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we charge a $2.99 custom graphic setup fee. This means any graphic, illustration, photo or artwork that you provide which isn’t in our catalog or as photographed in the product listing. For product listing with personal photos, this fee is waived as it’s inclusive in the wholesale price. There is no setup fee for using graphics in our catalog.

Yes, for US domestic deliveries, shipping is included in the retail price. For international deliveries, choose the $15.99 surcharge.

No, but we do have a 5 business day “Fast Track” service, which is a flat fee of $29.99, which can be added to the shopping cart at checkout or using this link. We do not guarantee delivery dates. Fast Track just ensures the order is produced and shipped with priority and generally speaking is delivered within 5 business days.

We do not accept return items.

We stand up for our products and offer free reproductions on any defective or damaged merchandise. This guarantee includes replacements only. No refunds are available on personalized items. Please inspect goods upon receipt. Any defects or damages must be reported within 14 business days of delivery date. No exceptions.

If you want to become a reseller and have questions, complete the application form on this page. If you have questions regarding an order, start an online chat or submit an inquiry using the green button at the bottom right of the screen.

Orders typically deliver within 7-10 business days (excluding holidays and our regularly scheduled site and inventory maintenance in October and January). As shipping price is included, we use both First-Class and USPS 2-3 Day Priority Shipping, the most economical of the two options.  For quicker deliveries, see our Fast Track service.

You set your own retail price by marking up our wholesale price. Our pricing includes customization, graphic support (if you’re working from our catalog) and shipping and handling. We charge a $2.99 setup fee for custom graphics.

Contrary to popular belief, the internet and the world outside the internet is very big. Many of our top resellers have carved out very successful businesses reselling our products at prices 3 and 4 times more than we do! Price isn’t everything: ideas matter, relationships matter, and most importantly determination matters. Additionally, we are here to help you grow your business. If you want to develop an exclusive line of products around our products (using different graphics focusing on class reunions for examples) which only you can sell, we’re open to that discussion.

Our prices are inclusive of customization including engraving, sandblasting, etc., and shipping and handling. We do not charge additional setup fees for graphics selected from our catalog.

Once your account is approved, we will send you a basic CVS file which you can then import into your website. The file will include retail price, product image links, product title, specifications and descriptions. Another approach is to locate the items you want to resell, download product images (you will see a download link within each product listing) and manually add the product to your website, copying and pasting the desired text from our website to yours.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts. Please use our Request for Business Quote tool. This link leads to our retail website. Locate the desired product, click the black “Request for Business Quote” button, which can be found under the “Add to Cart” button, and follow the instructions.

No, we do not have a Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) or Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). In our business, which relies heavily on creativity and relationships, we’d rather get out of the way and let you decide how to position your business. If you’ve created beautiful poetry and engraved them on our products for resell, why couldn’t you sell them for cost x 50?

Yes, though we reserve the right to restrict reselling on certain platforms.

Yes, you can sell our products on Etsy; however, you must add our trade name ‘East General Limited’ as a Production Partner (mandatory). You must also set up shop using your own original designs (i.e. graphics you created).

Although you are allowed to use a Production Partner’s stock photography, we suggest distinguishing your shop from others by digitally altering our stock images with your original designs or by taking your own product photos.

Yes. To download product photos, click the download icon below the products photos.

We are constantly adding new products to our reseller website. Once your account has been approved, you will receive weekly new product alerts. Additionally, not all our products are for resell on this platform. But, feel free to purchase on our retail website anything and resell it as you wish. Do bear in mind, shipping will be calculated separately.

Mistakes happen. Teals Prairie & Co. already covers production mistakes that we make. But what happens when there’s a production mistake that isn’t our fault? That’s where our Typo Insurance comes in handy. Typo Insurance gives you peace of mind whenever your customers or ordering managers make an unexpected mistake during the ordering process. You can protect your order with up to $500 of Typo Insurance so that any problem can be quickly and affordably corrected.

Adding Typo Insurance to your order covers the reproduction and shipping cost incurred whenever there’s a typo on a product. We define typo as a misspelled word, a grammatical error, or a punctuation error. These errors are unexpected and sometimes unavoidable. Buyers and ordering managers alike can accidentally input incorrect customization details while checking out. This results in a product being produced incorrectly, but with our typo insurance, the problem is easily remedied.

So, what isn’t covered with our typo insurance? Name changes, logo changes, design changes, and adjustments that fundamentally alter the original design are not classified as typos, nor are they covered by our typo insurance. Situations of gross negligence are also not covered, such as including but not limited to multiple typos in a single order, repeated typos submitted by reseller within a time frame considered excessive, and typos such as date changes; for instance, changing the date printed on an item from February 2nd to February 12th, which suggests an itinerary change rather than a genuine typo.

Our typo insurance is non-transferable and is only for use towards products that it was purchased for. It cannot be purchased separately or applied retroactively. All claims are handled on a case by case basis, and Teals Prairie & Co. reserves the right to deny claims for any reason to avoid abuse. All claims are to be submitted in accordance of our Return Policy. For more details on our Return Policy, please visit our FAQ page.

When it comes to offering 100% product customization and personalization, a simple mistake can lead to a large financial loss. Product errors on our end are always resolved by us; however, there are many mistakes that customers and resellers make during the ordering process which we cannot correct for free. Because we create products as instructed and are not responsible for verifying whether an order was input correctly (we don’t send proofs for every order), Typo Insurance offers a way to affordably correct any unintentional customer or reseller mistakes.

If you or a customer make a mistake while ordering one of our products and it results in a production error, Typo Insurance protects you from the costs incurred to redo that order. Without it, customers and resellers must pay full price for a replacement product when they’ve caused a production error, due to the high outlay costs for producing customized goods. Customers and resellers that are responsible for their mistakes keep production cost low for everyone. Our Typo Insurance is both affordable and reduces retail and wholesale prices, as we don’t need to factor in the cost of unintentional customer mistakes into each individual product we sell.

Drop shipping is an inventory management and distribution arrangement that allows resellers to sell wholesale merchandise without having to stock inventory or ship merchandise to their customers.

Authorized Resellers sell the products through their websites. When they receive online orders, resellers send the order and shipment information to us and we handle the rest.

We are happy to personalize, pack and ship the merchandise directly to the customer. Your customer never has to know as we provide blind shipping.

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Blind shipping is when one or more parties to a shipment don’t know who the shipper or receiver is, or both.

The Teals Prairie & Co. drop shipping program allows Authorized Resellers to save time, money, and other resources by warehousing, personalizing, packaging, and shipping their orders.

You set your own profit! You profit on the difference between the low wholesale price and the retail price (which you set).

  1. Open a Reseller account with us and you can immediately start selling. (Click here to let us know you’re interested.)
  2. Browse the Teals Prairie & Co. online catalog.
  3. Choose which of our amazing engraved and personalized products you’d like to feature on your site or show your customer.
  4. Download our product images and descriptions and add them to your e-commerce web site. Or, if you don’t have a website, simply bookmark this page and reference it when your customer have needs.
  5. Marketing, marketing, marketing…market your business and our products!
  6. Make a sale and send us the order via our online checkout.
  7. Teals Prairie & Co. will engrave, personalize, pack and ship the order directly to your customer or to the address provided on the order form.
  8. Teals Prairie & Co. will send email confirmation when your order ships.

Yes, we do ship to international destinations. We charge a flat $15.99 surcharge to ship to all international destinations, including Canada. This shipping upgrade is collected as a surcharge, which can be added to your cart as a checkout stage add-on or add to cart using this link. 

No, we do not guarantee deadlines for standard free or expedited paid shipping. If your order is time sensitive, please contact us before ordering.