New Product Ideas

Do you have a product idea that you’d like Teals Prairie & Co. to turn into a reality or is there a hot product out there you want us to carry too? Using this form, you can recommend products that you believe that your buyers will enjoy.

Here at TP&Co. we have a R&D team, but it’s always good to hear new ideas from resellers that interact directly with buyers. Many of our current products have come from your ideas, which are created in collaboration with other people from the TP&Co. reseller community.

What are some guidelines for submitting an idea? Don’t worry if your product idea doesn’t currently exist elsewhere. If you have a fresh idea that you’ve thought up then we can help by designing, manufacturing, and creating a physical product from your suggestions. We also accept graphic and illustration suggestions, if you believe that we’re not already offering something we should be.

It’s possible that we turn your idea into a new product. These products will be made available for the entire reseller community [unless discussed beforehand], so we don’t provide exclusivity for the person who made the product suggestion. If you want to retain intellectual property rights for your ideas, then this is not the place to submit your ideas. But if you want us to produce something for your buyers that we haven’t thought of, then we’d be more than happy to hear your suggestions!