Pre-Order Rendering

Do you have buyers that would like to see a visual sample of a product before they make a purchase? Perhaps you’re working with a wedding planner or a business buyer that needs to verify how a product will look before ordering. Whenever your buyer needs a product mock-up, we offer our Pre-order Rendering Reseller Service.

As our resellers often compete against marketing firms with in-house design teams, using pre-order rendering helps your business level the playing field. Now you can offer services to your potential buyers just like a full service marketing firm would. As an independent reseller that uses our Pre-order Rendering you’re able to pitch designs, offer 3D renderings, and a lot more.

Our Pre-order Rendering can include different services depending on your buyer’s need. We can do any of the following:

  • Render your buyer’s artwork or design onto one of our products using Photoshop.
  • Create custom illustrations, graphics, or logos for your buyer’s project.
  • Offer branded proofs and unlimited edits of our renderings and the artwork we create.

The fee that covers the cost of pre-order rendering is also 100% refundable if you make an order on the rendered product within 15 business days of paying for our Pre-order Rendering Reseller Service.

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