Branded Proofs

  • $0.29/order
  • free template design
  • no commitment required
  • pay as you go

Reach more potential customers and reduce errors by sending custom Branded Proofs to your buyers. We currently offer our standard proof, which includes TP&Co.’s branding to our resellers free of charge. But what if you want to send product proofs to your buyers without highlighting our branding? In this event we can send you a proof branding that include your company’s custom branded proof document instead of ours. Just apply this service to your order at checkout and pay as you go. Plus, at no additional cost, we’ll help design and customize a proof template for you. It’s a great opportunity to improve your brand’s reach.

Here’s why you should consider using you own branded proof template instead of ours. Corporate buyers that oversee purchasing goods for a business and family members that buy for relatives will likely share proofs with coworkers, family, and friends. This is a chance for more people to come into exposure to your brand and the products you sell.

Another benefit of providing and having customers approve custom branded proofs is that you’re less likely to input incorrect orders when you do. Although it’s not a perfect alternative to typo insurance, supplying your buyer with a proof to approve should decrease the chance of there being a spelling or artwork mistake. Plus, having your own portfolio of proofs to send clients builds trust and shows professionalism to prospective first-time buyers.

Don’t miss a chance to expand your brand’s reach. Although you may not have thought of a proof as being a marketing tool, our branded PDF proofs receive lots of exposure to those connected to your buyer.