Disposable Face Mask Gift Kit

A message from our General Manager and Founder:

First, I hope that you and your family remain safe during these difficult times. While visiting Asia, I saw how fast lifestyles changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Without warning, face masks and public screening checkpoints became the norm. As a result, I realized the importance of keeping a sense of humor. After all I’m in the business of creating products of all life’s major moments.

For this reason, our creative team developed the “Disposable Face Mask Gift Kit.” It’s an affordable and personalized solution to the public health need for wearing masks. We promise:

  1. There will be no mark up on the price of our face masks. We are in the novelty gift business, not the medical supply business. Thus, we pass along the exact cost savings of the masks to you.
  2. Our face masks are comparatively inexpensive because we have direct relationships with manufactures.
  3. We are not hording face masks to create these gift kits. We order factory direct in single batches of 50 units and only when we need them.

In closing, I hope we all continue helping one another during this pandemic. As life goes on, remember that humor is a proven healing technique. Face Mask Stash, now that’s funny!

Sincerely yours,

V. Thompson