Status Update: COVID-19 Shipping Changes

Covid-19 Delivery Delays Teals Prairie & Co.

Starting April 13, we will begin collecting a $3.00 COVID-19 shipping surcharge on all orders. This is a result of our fulfillment partners charging emergency situation fees. These fees cover increased shipping costs due to lack of transportation options globally. This surcharge must be manually added to all reseller orders.

How to Include the Surcharge with Your Orders

There’s a new Reseller Service on the checkout page. You’ll now see a checkbox for including the COVID-19 surcharge to your order. Please remember to select this option before completing the checkout process. Otherwise, there will be a delay of your orders until you pay this fee.

How to Add Reseller Services COVID-19 Surcharge to Your Order

Prepare for Possible Shipping Delays

Our fulfillment partners are changing logistics to deliver packages worldwide. Thus, it’s important to expect possible shipping delays over the coming weeks. Please contact us with any questions about order deliverability. We’ll do our best to get your customer’s orders to them before their deadlines. You’ll also receive notification of any future COVID-19 shipping changes.