What’s Selling?

All New 2019 products launched recently and limited sales data is available. We started promoting the “Groomsmen  Collection” two months back and those listed below sold. That said, we still encourage resellers to eventually list the entire collection as tastes vary across regions and selling platforms. Furthermore, the Groomsmen Collection has attracted noteworthy interests from wedding planners buying “Father of the Bride” and “Father of the Groom” gifts. Perhaps the collections’s more refined and classic styling contributed here.

Also, for the 1st time we’re allowing buyers to choose between rustic brown or black sheen wood boxes. Rustic brown is still top choice for groomsmen, but the black sheen box has been the overwhelming box of choice as Father of Bride/Groom’s gifts. We know an oversight was made by not also photographing the collection in rustic brown. We will be correcting this mistake following the holiday season.

Lastly, starting in 2019, a quarterly Sales Trend Report will be available for download. This report is in the form of a data graph that orders top selling products from #1 to #100 while indicating new top selling entries.