Quarterly Sales Trend Report

If you’re a Member or Partner with Teals Prairie & Co. then you can now download a list of our top 100 products. This quarterly Sales Trend Report is in the form of a data graph that orders top selling products from #1 to #100 while indicating new top selling entries.

We pull this data from all TP&Co. sales channels and show you what’s most popular so that you can stock your shops with items most likely to sell. For convenience at analyzing product popularity, the sales trend report is linked to our online products. This report however will not contain sales figures or volume.

Add this service to your order at checkout and once your order is submitted, you’ll receive the Sales Trend Report in your email inbox. We reserve the right to deny this service to any reseller that might use this data for an unintended purpose. In this case, the reseller will receive a full refund; otherwise, the Sales Trend Report is non-refundable.