Personalized Square Wood Clock with Keepsake Wood Box


This is a personalized square wood clock with a keepsake box. The clock is available in black walnut wood.

There’s a magnetic support frame stand in the back that you can connect to tilt the clock back slightly, or you can stand it on a 90 degree angle. Add your custom engraving to the bottom or top of the clock, next to the easy-to-read numbers. Powered with a AA batteries (not included.)

This personalized square wood clock with a keepsake wood box makes a wonderful housewarming or birthday gift. You can add a custom message, logo, or design onto the front section of the clock next to the numbers. It’s battery powered and easy to set the time. Plus, you can tilt it back or have it directly on your surface at a 90-degree angle without using the magnetic wooden frame stand. Let us know how to turn this into an exceptional custom gift for you.

Laser Engraving

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