Professional Photography

  • $8.99/order
  • 10 high resolution photos
  • no commitment required
  • pay as you go

Your brand is unlike the rest, so make sure your customers can tell the difference. Most resellers use the same stock photos that we provide, which makes it difficult to standout from other online retailers. With our new Professional Photography Service, we’ll take up to 10 high resolution photos of your customer’s orders before they’re packaged and shipped, so that you can showcase your favorite past projects, large brands you’ve worked with, and the coolest custom orders you’ve received. Your company will own all rights to these images, giving you the ability to freely use them in your marketing and promotional materials. The investment you make toward receiving high quality images will differentiate your business from the rest and end up paying for itself.

It’s incredibly easy to order your own images using our Professional Photography Service. Simply add this service to checkout while you input your customer’s orders and for a fee we’ll take a set of photographs of your customer’s products. We’ll use our classic wood background and take photos with and without sample props to enhance the images. Afterward, we’ll send your high-resolution images directly to your preferred email address. Once you’ve received the images, you’ll have exclusive rights to them forever.