Pilot Products

Every quarter our R&D team launches a series of new products. Doing this is a delicate task because we need to test products and determine how customers and resellers respond to each one. Plus, every product we add requires our craftsmen and purchasing departments to develop new skills and increase their product knowledge. It’s much easier for us to test new products with a smaller group of resellers for the first few months of a product being on the market.

That’s why, we’re introducing our Pilot Product Reseller Service. This acts as a testing ground for new products, before launching them to the entire reseller community. It benefits you because you’re provided early access to new and exclusive products, and it helps us collect needed feedback on our latest products.

How does the Pilot Product Reseller Service work?

All resellers can join this program regardless of whether you have a Startup, Member, and Partner account. Resellers with upgraded accounts will have access to our other Reseller Services such as Branded Proofs. Additionally, upgrading your account gives you access to our newest products and some exclusive products each quarter.

Our Pilot Products are likely discounted during the first quarter they’re introduced so that you can test different retail price points. That will help us gain feedback on how best to price, list, photograph, and offer the product before rolling it out to the whole reseller community. We’ll make any changes to the product as we hear from you and your buyers to offer a better product to the whole reseller community. That way, the Pilot Product Reseller Service is a win for everyone.

The Pilot Product upgraded membership is renewed quarterly or annually. As long as you have an upgraded account  you can sell our Pilots Products and the exclusive items we release. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us improve the items we offer to resellers and buyers worldwide. To learn more about our Reseller Services and to become a Pilot Product Reseller, upgrade your membership here.