Display Samples

  • $5.99/order
  • shipped monthly
  • no commitment required
  • pay as you go

Are you interested in acquiring product samples without ordering something only for yourself and then paying full wholesale price? Our new Display Sample Reseller Service gives you the opportunity to receive samples for only the cost of shipping them to you.

Here’s how it works. Whenever you have a customer order that you’d also like to receive as a sample, you select the ‘order display sample’ option at checkout. At the end of the month we’ll reproduce each individual item you’ve requests and ship it in a batch directly to you. Your initial fee will cover the reproduction cost of the order.

Our Display Sample Reseller Service does not include multiples of the same item, (for instance, if your customer orders 10 mugs, we’ll reproduce one for you,) nor does it allow for artwork change apart from using your company’s logo or business information instead of your buyer’s. It’s a great opportunity to receive sample products for use during your offline marketing initiatives.