You see, Teals Prairie & Co. is a family-run business, started by the Thompson siblings from Houston, Texas. What started as a hunch for us has grown into an incredibly successful specialty gift engraving business. We engrave on premium quality lifestyle products such as leather journals, bamboo kitchenware and wooden home accessories like frames and keepsake boxes. We have a retail side, but we also provide private label drop ship services to other retailers, event planners, promotional product specialists and marketing companies. Our logo reads “Since 1850,” however the business was recently started. At face value, there are a few centuries of company history missing, however this bit of intrigue coincidentally is the cornerstone to our company culture.

You see, Teals Prairie is a community in Burleson County, Texas, founded by John Teal around 1850. John Teal came from the Deep South, perhaps Tennessee, Kentucky or Alabama. Of distinguished pedigree, John Teal brought along his workforce, as did every prominent settler, and the workers got down to business, turning the surrounding fields into an agricultural paradise. Corn production exploded, cotton fell from the skies, and upon this white, fluffy cotton, in astonishing numbers, rested fat cattle, fat sheep and fat hogs. Teals Prairie flourished. Workers with last names like Smith, Jones, Owens, Johnson and Thompson intermarried and their population quadrupled. In want of everything, the workers, again, got down to business, building their churches, schools and homes for themselves. In fact, homes so fine and exquisite that an envying neighbor from across the track burned one to the ground! However, from these and similar ash piles and with their own hands, the farmers, educators, carpenters, blacksmiths, ministers, seamstresses, civic leaders and proprietors that they were, yet again, got down to business, the business of community building. As time passed, younger generations migrated to larger cities. The Thompson branch moved to Houston where they (you guessed it) got down to business there, too!

You see, it’s this “got down to business” spirit that we inherited over the centuries from those early Teals Prairie settlers and it’s embodied in everything we do. This spirit combined with our backgrounds in customer service, fashion, graphic design, procurement, logistics, product development and manufacturing is the energy behind our remarkable growth. When our products first appeared on Etsy in 2013, business boomed right away, so we got down to business by focusing on our strengths and working together as a family. Our products can now be found at Bourbon & Boots, Country Outfitters, and numerous other retailers. As a part of our family, we are delighted to pass this spirit on to you, our business customers, in the form of developing and delivering reasonably-priced products that your buyers desire.

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